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Smart lab students received 4 Best Paper Awards at the 2023 IISE Anual Conference

SMART lab students/alumni, as well as their collaborators, received four recognitions in 2023 IISE Annual Conference Best Paper/Data/App Competitions (three first-place winners and one finalist).

Winner of IISE Manufacturing and Design Division Track Best Student Paper Competition:

Rongxuan Wang, "High spatial resolution sub-surface thermal measurement in laser powder bed fabrication (LPBF) using novel fiber optics and machine learning.”

Finalist of IISE Quality Control and Reliability Engineering (QCRE) Track Best Paper Competition:

Jihoon Chung, “Grouping and spatially correlated Sparse Bayesian learning with application to multi-stage assembly systems.”

Winner of ProcessMiner Inc. QCRE Data Challenge Competition:

Bo Shen, Raghav Gnanasambandam, Jihoon Chung, “Sequence-to-squence LSTM for fungal spores concentration (FSC) prediction.”

Winner of Data Analytics and Information System Track mobile/web app competition:

Rongxuan Wang, Yinan Wang, Sonam Devadiga, Isaac Perkins, "Process monitoring and quality control in precast concrete production using structured-light 3D Scanning.”

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