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Smart lab students received 4 Best Paper Awards at the 2022 INFORMS Annual Meeting

SMART lab students received four recognitions in 2002 INFORMS Annual Meeting Best Paper/Poster Competitions (two first-place winners and two finalists)

Winner of DMDA Workshop Best Poster Competition:

Raghav Gnanasambandam, Bo Shen, Jihoon Chung, Xubo YUE, "Self-scalable Tanh (Stan) Activation for Physics-Informed Neural Networks."

Winner of QSR Best Case Study Competition:

Maede Maftouni, Bo Shen, Andrew Law, Niloofar Ayoobi Yazdi, Fereshteh Ghiasvand, Fahimeh Hadavand, "A Mask-Guided Attention Deep Learning Model for COVID-19 Diagnosis based on an Integrated CT Scan Images Database."

Finalist of QSR Best Paper Competition:

Bo Shen, "A Novel Active Anomaly Discovery Method and its Applications in Additive Manufacturing."

Finalist of QSR Data Challenge Competition:

Bo Shen, Jihoon Chung, Raghav Gnanasambandam, Yutong Zhang, "Automatic Thresholding by Reconstruction Error in Unsupervised Anomaly Detection."

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